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Top Driving Accessories of the HTC Evo View 4G

Out of all the HTC accessories the most important and most beneficial to any tablet is a Bluetooth headset. This accessory will come in handy every time you need to receive or place a call when you are driving. Although many still prefer to use wired headsets, a Bluetooth headset eliminates any hazards that can come from having to deal with wires when driving. Experts recommend Bluetooth headsets because they are easier to deal with and they eliminate certain health risks that are involved with wired headsets.

Another feature to consider when you decide to bring home a HTC Evo View 4G but still want to be able to use it while you are on the road is an app to help you use voice to text and voice to dial technology. Voice to text technology is pretty much a feature that turns your verbal words into text without the user having to use the phone's keyboard.

The advantages here are clear; if you can say your texts rather than having to type them, you can keep both your hands and your eyes on the road, which makes the road a much safer place for other drivers, children, pedestrians, and anyone or anything else on the motorway. Voice dial works in a very similar way. You only need to say "dial" then the options will pop up on the screen and you only need to say the contact name or the actual number before this tablet calls whomever you wanted to call.

You will not have to reach for the tablet or manipulate it with your hands in any way. You will be able to keep your hands on the steering wheel and focus on the road. These are only a few of the driving features provided by this tablet. With more research you can find thousand of different things like GPS and music streaming that can make driving easier or more enjoyable.

As you can see there are a number of different features and cell phone accessories with a tablet that can make the open road less dangerous and more enjoyable. Along the way, keep in mind that beyond HTC Evo View 4G accessories such as a holster, a Bluetooth headset, and a screen protector, virtually any kind of accessory that is currently available for a smart phone will also be available for a tablet, so don't limit yourself when searching for ways to drive more effectively or simply get the most out of your tablet.