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Use a Smart Phone to Organize Your Life

Motorola Corporation had released this famous Motorola Droid 3. Motorola has always been famous to have mobiles without the fuss and the glamour. The Motorola phones are designed to be as effective as they can get in today’s highly developing cell phone industry. Its  3G system, dual core and 1 GHz processor and built in 16 Gigabyte memory makes this phone reliably fast and effective. Motorola Droid 3 is an organized phone because you can either use touch screen or its keyboard.

The Motorola Droid 3 is 27% more effective than Droid 2. This device has been similar to a  mini laptop because of its large storage capacity that can be maximized up to 32 Gigabytes. To stay organized and updated, the device has the ability to Google applications also.

The Motorola Droid 3 has been made also to provide business person a perfect solutions to stay organized. It’s the one and only smart phone on the market with built in Citrix GoToMeeting and Citrix Receiver for Android applications. The Citrix is well known business software which helps you to be more effective, sorting your data and information out enabling you to stay organized wherever you are. It is a great privilege to have this software free on your mobile, it will help you manage your things anytime and anywhere. The Citrix GoToMeeting deals with your business schedules, partners, mails, keeps your calendar and meetings organized and the Citrix Receiver option can switch you in video conference mode within seconds offering all sorts of audio boost and control for it. Motorola Droid 3 also add a row of numeric actions on the keyboard to make your typing a lot faster and easier. The large touch screen makes it very easy for the user to multitask and handle many different applications all at the same time.

The Motorola Droid 3 has further applications in order not to get lost while using your phone. Just like the Quick office application which is pre loaded with some great scrollable widgets for mail, calendar, task-planner, currency exchange, the ability to check out the stocks anytime you want to. You can brush up your Quick Office with the brand new release of Quick Office Pro with which you can create, share and store Microsoft files. It is even more helpful when you have to transfer or edit some original data to your mobile phone. The mew Pro also contains PowerPoint editing options, Google Docs, with shape inserting functions, enabling you to work your mobile as a computer anytime! There is an advanced pdf viewer and with the newest version of Adobe Flash, your phone is no longer different from being your personal computer anymore.

Financial planners, calculator and online bank reaching to deal with your financial issues  also are some of its Downloadable applications for Motorola Droid 3. To further experience phone improvements, try to purchase cell phone accessories like the charger with docking technology and battery that provides you a long life power. Just be mindful that there are many other Motorola accessories out there that can help you get the most out of your smart phone.